Professional accounting services

  • Chronological and systematic recording of primary documents in the accounting (clients, suppliers, cash register, bank, salaries, etc.)
  • Monthly elaboration of the ledger
  • Drafting of annual amortization plan for fixed assets
  • Drafting of Purchases and sales journal
  • Accounting, introduction and processing of cash and bank operations
  • Accounting, introduction and processing of materials and merchandises entries
  • Drafting and filing in of Accounting balance sheet and Semester financial reporting
  • Drafting of Monthly checking balance
  • Drafting and filing in, within the legal term, of statements regarding the fiscal liabilities to the state budget
  • Checking and certification of Accounting balance sheet
  • Financial-accounting reporting for foreign holding level budgets

Economic-financial and fiscal consulting

  • Consulting regarding the main normative documents in the financial-accounting and fiscal field
  • Assisting the client, upon its request, in the controls regarding the fiscal liabilities
  • Accounting and sending of reports to foreign holdings
  • Periodic information regarding the modification of fiscal legislation
  • Business plans for bank credits, Phare financing
  • Market research

Personnel service

  • Drafting and filing with the Chamber of Labor of the documents regarding the first registration of the company/individual employment contracts, as well as obtaining the password for on-line transmission of REVISAL
  • Counseling on problems related to personnel-salary.
  • Creation and maintenance of personnel data base, as well as on-line transmission of new contracts, cancellation or modifications to the existing contracts
  • Drafting of payrolls on the grounds of timekeeping received from clients
  • Filing of personnel statements to the desk or online to the General Directorate of Public Finances

Taxes and liabilities

  • Consulting regarding the optimization of taxes and liabilities paid by the client
  • Assistance regarding the avoiding of double taxation
  • Assistance regarding the application of fiscal legislation for the client
  • Assistance during audit
  • Solutions for the optimization of taxes according to the valid legislation

Other services not included in the contract

  • Cash-flows
  • Elaboration of budgets
  • Analysis on assets
  • Business plans
  • Assistance for VAT collection
  • Appeals, reports with the fiscal inspection bodies
  • Extensions of temporary residence visas for foreign citizens
  • Intermediation for obtaining the fiscal credit report